Carbohydrate epitope prediction server

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Supplementary Data- CARBOTOPE

Positive antigenic carbohydrate molecules data (SDF format).

Non-antigenic carbohydrate molecules data (SDF format).

Molecular Similarity

Similarity profile among Positive carbohydrates data (Text format). Excluded Positive Molecules excluded positive (Text format).

Similarity profile among Negative carbohydrates data (Text format). Excluded Negative Molecules excluded negative (Text format).

Weka ARFF Files

Padel's 2D calculated descriptors on all dataset 2D total (ARFF format). Feature Seleted 2D total- Feature Seleted (ARFF format).

Padel's 2D calculated descriptors after cluster and similarity analysis 2D cluster and similarity (ARFF format). Feature Seleted 2D cluster and similarity- Feature Seleted (ARFF format).

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