Carbohydrate epitope prediction server

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Carbohydrates play a critical role in many biological processes starting from cell adhesion, signalling to virulence. In the present scenario carbohydrates are used as antibiotics, anticoagulants, and in the treatment of several diseases.In This study first time we introduced QSAR based carbohydrate epitope prediction model based on the already known non-peptide epitopes, mostly carbohydrates.

Identification of carbohydrate epitopes and structure characterization is still a time consuming and complicated process. Keeping this problem in mind,we have developed a computational algorithm which allows researchers to draw a chemical structure and check for their immunogenic properties. CARBOTOPE server will aid in the area of carbohydrate vaccine research. This server will be helpful for experimental biologist who are working in the field of vaccine design in the designing of higher immunogenicity of epitopes.Thus binding of carbohydrate epitope with the receptor of the immune cell helps in mounting of immune response and antibody production. Following diagram showes the NPTOPE algorithm and biological significance of Predicted epitope.
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