Carbohydrate epitope prediction server

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About Webserver:

CARBOTOPE is a user friendly web sever for the prediction of carbohydrate epitopes.There are three ways by which user can provide query molecule.
i) Drawing the molecule using JME molecular editor provided at the submit page
ii) Paeste the molecule in the area provided in mol/sdf/smi/mol2 format
iii)Through file containing molecules in appropriate formats.

Another advantage of this server is that a list of molecular descriptors which are used to build a QSAR model have been provided with the result.
User can Submit their multi-molecular file in mol/mol2/sdf/smi format and get the result from Email also. User can generate many immunogenic variants of the molecules using CARBOTOPE and could use in a multivalent carbohydrate vaccine. We hope that present model will aid in the area of carbohydrate vaccine research. The flow diagram of CARBOTOPE server and their biological significance shown in the home page of CARBOTOPE server will help users to understand the logic behind this study.
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