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CancerPDF is a manually curated database of cancer-associated peptides found in different human bodyfluids (e.g., serum, urine, plasma and saliva). These peptides were experimentally identified using diffrent techniques of proteomics. It covers nearly 30 types of human cancers. It contains 14,367 experimentally validated peptides and provide comprehensive information regarding their mass, precusor protein, techniques for profiling and quantification, and their regulation in different type of cancer etc. One of the major possible application of this database is to identify peptide-based Cancer Biomarkers.

Major Features

Comprehensive Information: Cancer peptidome provides extensive information regarding endogenous peptides that are present in cancer samples includes; i) Peptide Sequence, ii) Prescusor Protein, iii) Modifications, iv) Mass, v) Profiling Techniques, vi) Cancer type, vii) Fluid, viii) Regulation ix) Sensitivity, x) Specificity etc.

Searching Facilities: These modules allow users to retrieve data from Cancer peptidome database using various options that includes; i)keyword search for text-based search, ii) peptide search for searching peptide sequences using string matching, and iii) advanced search for performing complex in database

Browsing CancerPDF: This module facilitate user to browse data in CancerPDF on different fields. It present calssified data where classification is performed on wide range of data that includes cancer types, type of bodyfluids, peptide length.

Sequence Similarity: Numreous similarity search tools have been integrated in web sites of CancerPDF that allow one to perform similary search of their peptide sequence against cancer-associated peptides in this database.

Responsive Templates: This dataabase is built using responsive template so it is compatible for all type of devices (e.g., desktop, tablet, ipad, smart phone)