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In order to use the BcePred server for prediction on amino acid sequences:
  1. (optional) Enter a name for the sequence.

  2. Enter the sequence in the sequence window (with no header line), or give a file name.

    The sequence must be written using the one letter amino acid code: `acdefghiklmnpqrstvwy' or `ACDEFGHIKLMNPQRSTVWY'.
    Other letters will be converted to `X' and treated as unknown amino acids.
    Other characters, such as whitespace and numbers, will simply be ignored.

  3. Change the threshold [-3 to +3]: increase in the threshold results in better specificity, but worse sensitivity. Default thresholds for different parameters are selected based on the best sensitivity and specificity obtained.

  4. Select the Physio-chemical properties: Hydrophilicity or Flexibility or Accessibility or Turns or Exposed surface or Polarity or Antegenic Propensity or combined Methods (All).For multiple selection use Ctrl key

  5. Press the "Submit sequence" button.

  6. A WWW page will return the results when the prediction is ready. Response time depends on system load.


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