Welcome to AntiMPmod

AntiMPmod is an in silico method, which is developed to predict efficient modified antimicrobial peptides (ModAMP). The main dataset used in this method consists of 948 modified AMPs and 931 non-AMPs. This full dataset was divided into two parts (i) Training dataset and (ii) Validation dataset.

Major Features include:

(1) Prediction: This module is the main module which allows user to predict whether a given modified peptide is AMP or non-AMP.This module accept the pdb file as input file. User can provide its own structure or we will advice user to predict the structure using PepStrMOD.

(2) Download: This module of ModAMP allows user to download the dataset used in this study.

Reference: Agrawal, P. and Raghava, GPS (2018) Prediction of antimicrobial potential of a chemically modified peptide from its tertiary structure. Front. Microbiol., 9:2551.