Computation of Antibody/Antigen Concentration and Endpoint Titer 

This web-server allow to compute the endpoint titer and concentration of Antibody(Ab) or Antigen(Ag) from ELISA data. It calculate the Ab/Ag concentration, using the graphical method (Raghava et al., 1992, J. Immunological Methods, 262). Read the manuscript for comprehensive description of method used in this web-server. How to use this web-server is describe in help file. Please cite following paper if you are using this web server

Raghava G. P. S. and Agrewala J. N. (2001) A Web Based Method for Computing Endpoint Titer and Concentration of Antibody/Antigen. Biotech Software and Internet Reports 2(5) (Accepted).

Standard or Known Samples
Ab/Ag Conc.(S) OD (S)

Or DF(S):

Control Data
Ab/Ag Con.(C)  OD (C)

Or DF(S):


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