This section provides services related to proteomics that includes mainly annotation of proteins and peptides. 

How to assign function of a newly sequenced protein is a most important task for bioinformaticians. In this module, we list servers important for assigning function of proteins from its amino acid sequence. Broadly, these servers can be divided in following categories; i) subcellular localisation ii) identification of specific class of proteins, iii) functional annotation.
Broadly structure of protein is responsible for its function, thus structural annotation is one of major challenges in the field of computational biology. This page list of wide range of web server that includes servers for predicting i) tertiary structure, ii) secondary structure, iii) super secondary structure, iii) surface accessibility and iv) residue-residue contact in a protein.
Molecular Interactions are crucial for a function of biological system, there are wide range of interactions. Our group mainly focussed on prediction of molecules interacting residues in a protein. Broadly, these servers predict; i) glycosylation sites, ii) small molecules (e.g., ATP, GTP) interacting sites, iii)nucleotide binding sites and iv) protein-protein interaction.
In the last few decades, peptide based drug designing has been choice of most of the scientists world wide because of its low toxicity and high specificity. This page resources developed at our group for predicting following peptide properties; i) drug delivery, ii) epitope-based vaccine, iii) antibacterial, iv) toxicity, v) stability in body fluids and vi) structural features.