Welcome to Portal for Health Informatics

General: This web portal maintained wide range of servers, databases and software developed in the field of bioinformatics, chemiinformatics, immunoinformatics, clinical bioinformatics, health informatics, genomics, etc. The main purpose of this web protal is to provide help to biologist working in the field of vaccine development, drug desigining, etc. The servers help biologist’s in identifying potential vaccine candidate’s and hence save time and money. Overall aim of the web portal is to provide scientific computation and resources required in the healthcare sector.

Indian Portal: Indian researchers had contributed significantly in the fielf of informatics particularly in the field of biomedicine. In order to provide visibility to webservers/software developed by Indian scientific community, we provides link to these resources. Each section have two part; first part provides link to webservers developed/maintained  by Raghava's group . Second part provides links to servers developed by other Indian groups (minus Raghava's group). This portal is maintained by Prof. G P S Raghava's group at IIIT-Delhi.