Peptides Related Webservers Developed & Maintained by GENESIS

This page maintain list of biological servers developed and/or maintained by GENESIS participants with the support of GENESIS.
AHTpinAHTpin:An in silico platform for predicting, screening and designing of antihypertensive peptidesCSIR-IMTECH
PEPstrMODPEPstrMOD: structure prediction of peptides containing natural, non-natural and modified residuesCSIR-IMTECH
HemoPIHemoPI: A Web Server and Mobile App for Computing Hemolytic Potency of PeptidesCSIR-IMTECH
AVP IC50PredAVP IC50Pred: Multiple machine learning techniques based prediction of peptide antiviral activity in terms of half maximal inhibitory concentration (IC50)CSIR-IMTECH
QSPpredQSPpred: Prediction and Analysis of Quorum Sensing Peptides Based on Sequence Features CSIR-IMTECH
IgPredIgPred is a web server developed for predicting antibody-specific B-cell epitopes .CSIR-IMTECH
LBtope LBtope is a web server developed for prediction of Linear B-cell epitopes.CSIR-IMTECH
IFNepitope IFNepitope is a webserver for predicting and designing interferon-gamma inducing epitopes.CSIR-IMTECH
ToxinPredToxinPred is a webserver used to predict and design toxic/non-toxic peptides.CSIR-IMTECH
CellPPDCellPPD is webserver used to predict and design efficient cell penetrating peptides (CPPs).CSIR-IMTECH
TumorHPDA web server for predicting and designing tumor homing peptides.CSIR-IMTECH
HLPA web server for predicting intestinal half-life of peptides and to design mutant peptides with better half-life and physicochemical properties. CSIR-IMTECH
AntiAngioPredA web server for predicting the anti-angiogenic peptides. CSIR-IMTECH
AntiCPAntiCP is a webserver used for predicting Anticancer peptides.CSIR-IMTECH
IL4predIn-Silico platform for Designing & discovering og interleukin-4 inducing peptides. CSIR-IMTECH
HLPHLP is a server developed for predicting half-life of peptides in intestine like environment. CSIR-IMTECH