Interaction Related Webserver Developed & Maintained by GENESIS

This page maintain list of biological servers developed and/or maintained by GENESIS participants with the support of GENESIS.
GlycoEPGlycoEP is in silico platform for prediction of N-, O- and C-glycosites in eukaryotic protein sequences.CSIR-IMTECH
RNAconRNAcon is a web-server for the prediction and classification of non-coding RNAs.CSIR-IMTECH
tRNAmodThe tRNAmod is a web-server for the prediction of transfer RNA (tRNA) modifications.CSIR-IMTECH
VitaPred VitaPred is webserver used for predicting the vitamin-interacting residues in protein sequences.CSIR-IMTECH
RNApinRNApin is a web-server for the prediction of Protein Interacting Nucleotides (PINs) in RNA sequences.CSIR-IMTECH
MauPIRMauPir: Global De Novo Protein-Protein Interactome Elucidates Interactions of Drought-Responsive Proteins in Horse Gram (Macrotyloma uniflorum)CSIR-IHBT
RBPSighterRBPSighter: A software to detect RBP-RNA interactions from next generation sequencing data.CSIR-IHBT