Drug/QSAR Related webservers Developed & Maintained by GENESIS

This page maintain list of biological servers developed and/or maintained by GENESIS participants with the support of GENESIS.
CancerINCancerIN: Prediction of anticancer molecules using hybrid model developed on molecules screened against NCI-60 cancer cell lines.CSIR-IMTECH
ImRNAImRNA: Prediction of Immunomodulatory potential of an RNA sequence for designing non-toxic siRNAs and RNA-based vaccine adjuvants.CSIR-IMTECH
CancerDPCancerDP: Prioritization of anticancer drugs against a cancer using genomic features of cancer cells: A step towards personalized medicineCSIR-IMTECH
MtbVebMtbVeb: A Web-Based Platform for Designing Vaccines against Existing and Emerging Strains of Mycobacterium tuberculosis.CSIR-IMTECH
EbolaVCREbolaVCR: A web-based resource for designing therapeutics against Ebola Virus.CSIR-IMTECH
XIAPinXIAPin: In Silico Designing and Screening of Antagonists against Cancer Drug Target XIAP .CSIR-IMTECH
VaccineDAVaccineDA: Prediction, design and genome-wide screening of oligodeoxynucleotide-based vaccine adjuvants.CSIR-IMTECH
SVMDLFSVMDLF: application is an OpenCPU server app which is a novel single page R web application for the DPP4 inhibitors prediction.CSIR-CDRI
mycobacrvRmycobacrvR:Integrative immunoinformatics for Mycobacterial diseases in R platformCSIR-IGIB
PTP1BiPredPTP1BiPred : Multiple machine learning based descriptive and predictive workflow for the identification of potential PTP1B inhibitors.CSIR-CDRI
GKAPredRGKAPredR: A web server for the prediction of glucokinase (GK) activator.CSIR-CDRI
MDRIpredMDRIpred: Designing of inhibitors against drug tolerant Mycobacterium tuberculosis (H37Rv).CSIR-IMTECH
IFNepitopeIFNepitope:IFNepitope is a webserver for predicting and designing interferon-gamma inducing epitopes..CSIR-IMTECH
ZikaVRZikaVR: An Integrated Zika Virus Resource for Genomics, Proteomics, Phylogenetic and Therapeutic Analysis.CSIR-IMTECH
DipCellDiPCell is a webserver for the predicting inhibitory activity of unknown molecules and designing their analogs against pancreatic cancer cell lines.CSIR-IMTECH
DrugMintDrugMint is a web server developed for predicting drug-like molecules.CSIR-IMTECH
EGFRpredEGFRpred is a web service for the predicting and designing of inhibitors against EGFR (a cell surface receptor whose overexpression is known to cause cancer). CSIR-IMTECH
ntEGFRntEGFR is a open source web server developed for predicting inhibitory activity (IC50) of molecules against wild and mutant EGFR.CSIR-IMTECH