Databases Developed & Maintained by GENESIS

This page maintain list of biological servers developed and/or maintained by GENESIS participants with the support of GENESIS.
CPPsite 2.0 CPPsite 2.0: a repository of experimentally validated cell-penetrating peptidesCSIR-IMTECH
ApoCanD ApoCanD: Database of human apoptotic proteins in the context of cancer.CSIR-IMTECH
PEPlife PEPlife: A Repository of the Half-life of Peptides.CSIR-IMTECH
ProCarDB ProCarDB: a database of bacterial carotenoidsCSIR-IMTECH
siRNAmod siRNAmod: A database of experimentally validated chemically modified siRNAs CSIR-IMTECH
HPVbase HPVbase: a knowledgebase of viral integrations, methylation patterns and microRNAs aberrant expression: As potential biomarkers for Human papillomaviruses mediated carcinomas CSIR-IMTECH
SigMol SigMol: repertoire of quorum sensing signaling molecules in prokaryotes CSIR-IMTECH
dbEMdbEM: A database of epigenetic modifiers curated from cancerous and normal genomesCSIR-IMTECH
CancerTope CancerTope:A Platform for Designing Genome-Based Personalized Immunotherapy or Vaccine against CancerCSIR-IMTECH
CancerPPD CancerPPD: a database of anticancer peptides and proteinsCSIR-IMTECH
Leish - ExP Leish - ExP:Leishmania exclusive protein database CSIR-IICB
LeukmiR LeukmiR: database for miRNA and their targets in Acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL)CSIR-CCMB
MIIP MIIP:Malarial Important Interacting proteins DatabaseCSIR-IICB
EGFRIndb EGFRIndb: Epidermal Growth Factor Receptor Inhibitor DatabaseCSIR-IMTECH
Specy Specy: An affordable hand-help Spectrophotometer.CSIR-IMTECH
ONRLDB ONRLDB:manually curated database of experimentally validated ligands for orphan nuclear receptors.CSIR-IMTECH
C-State C-State (Chromatin-State): Database to investigate epigenetic landscapes CSIR-CCMB
OncomiRdbB OncomiRdbB: a comprehensive database of microRNAs and their targets in breast cancer.CSIR-CCMB
dPABBs dPABBs: A Novel in silico Approach for Predicting and Designing Anti-biofilm Peptides.CSIR-IMTECH
dPABBs dPABBs: A Novel in silico Approach for Predicting and Designing Anti-biofilm Peptides.CSIR-IMTECH
BIOPYDB A Biochemical Pathway Database based on manual curation of human cell specific pathway.CSIR-NCL
VIRmiRNA Resource for experimental viral miRNA and their targets.CSIR-IMTECH
MMpI A database that cotains detailed matrix metalloproteinase inhibitors and MMP drugs and MMP peptide inhibitors informations.CSIR-CLRI
PRD The Plant Regulomics Database.CSIR-IHBT
TriplexRNA A Database of cooperating microRNA and their mutual targets..IITR
BioPhytMolBioPhytMol is a manually curated drug discovery community resource on anti-mycobacterial phytomolecules and plant extractsCSIR-IMTECH
IGDD IGDD (Indian Genetic Disease Database),is a database has been created to keep track of mutations in the causal genes for genetic diseases common in India. IICB
FROG FROG fingerprints have been devised to capture genomic variations at various levels. CSIR
HerceptinR HerceptinR is a database of assays performed to test sensitivity or resistance of Herceptin Antibodies towards breast cancer cell lines.CSIR-IMTECH
HIPdb HIPdb is a manually curated database of experimentally validated HIV inhibitory peptides targeting various steps or proteins involved in the life cycle of HIV like fusion, integration, reverse transcription etc.CSIR-IMTECH
HEMOLYTIK A Database of Hemolytic and Non-hemolytic Peptide.CSIR-IMTECH
MitoLSDB A comprehensive resource to study genotype to phenotype correlations in human mitochondrial DNA variations.CSIR-IGIB
Parapep A Database of Anti-parasitic peptides.CSIR-IMTECH
NPACT NPACT is a curated database of Plant derived natural compounds that exhibit anti-cancerous activity.CSIR-IMTECH
VIRmiRNA Resource for experimental viral miRNA and their targets.CSIR-IMTECH
PolysacDB A comprehensive database of microbial polysaccharide antigens and their antibodies.CSIR-IMTECH
PCMdb PCMdb is a database of methylated genes found in pancreatic cancer cell lines and tissues..CSIR-IMTECH
OncomiRdbB OncomiRdbB is an integrated database consisting of the miRNAs of human and mouse genomes, their sequences, chromosome and gene locations, respective targets and their description, pathways it regulates in breast cancer..CSIR-CCMB
AvPdb A Database of Antiviral peptides.CSIR-IMTECH
AHTPDB Database of Antihypertensive Peptides.CSIR-IMTECH
EpiDBase A Curated database for small molecule modulators of Epigenetic Landscape.CSIR-IMTECH
TumorHopeTumorHoPe is a manually curated comprehensive database containing 744 entries of experimentally characterized tumor homing peptides.CSIR-IMTECH
DBETHDBETH: a Database of Bacterial Exotoxins for Human.CSIR-IICB
CancerDRCancerDR is a database of 148 anticancer drugs and their effectiveness against around 1000 cancer cell lines. CSIR-IMTECH
PolysacDBPolysacDB database has been developed to facilitate easy retrieval of information pertaining to microbial surface polysaccharides. Currently this database incarporates nearly 1,550 entries for 147 different antigenic polysaccharides from 367 different microbes collected from about 350 peer-reviewed publications. CSIR-IMTECH