Patents and Copyrights

This page maintain research patents of GENESIS participants, published using direct/indirect support of GENESIS.
  1. Gajendra Pal Singh Raghava, Ankur Gautam, Hemraj Santuji Nandanwar: Cell Penetrating Peptide for Biomolecule Delivery. (INDIAN PATENT APPL NO. 3380DEL2013), Patent application filed on 17 Nov 2013 and final application filed on 17 NOV 2014
  2. Sarkar, R.R., Chowdhury, S. 2013. Identification of Alternative Drug Targets For Cancer. Indian Patent Application 1231- DEL -2013, filed 26th April 2013. Patent Pending. PCT/IN2014/000478
  3. New method for the preparation of R enantiomer of calcium channel blocker bepridil (Prov. filing appln. No: 3713/DEL/2014)
  4. New method for the synthesis of (R)-phenoxybenzamine hydrochloride employing aziridine ring opening as a key step (Prov. filing appln. No: 1844/DEL/2014.
  5. New methods for the preparation of enantiomers of anti-obesity agent 8-chloro-1-methyl-2,3,4,5-tetrahydro-3-benzazepine and intermediates thereof (Prov. filing appln. No: 1252/DEL/2014)
  6. M Karthikeyan, Chemical Structure Recognition Tool, US Patent, 2014/0301608 pub date. Oct 9, 2014
  7. Karthikeyan, Muthukumarasamy WO/2014/207670 - Simulated Carbon and proton NMR chemical shifts based binary fingerprints for virtual screening. 31.12.2014 G06F 19/00 PCT/IB2014/062585 COUNCIL OF SCIENTIFIC & INDUSTRIAL RESEARCH
  8. Karthikeyan, M, Revu Vyas, A Remote Computing Environment Method, System And Apparatus For Molecular Investigation By Email Platform In 3527/Del/2015
  9. Karthikeyan, M, Renu Vyas, Deepak Pandit, Method For Encoding Large Scale Molecular Library In Barcoding Format In 1325/Del/2015
  10. M. Muthukrishnan, M. Mujahid, “A process for the preparation of 3-Aryl-2-hydroxy propanoic acid compounds” PCT, WO2014181362A1
  11. M. Muthukrishnan, M. Mujahid “An improved synthesis of anti-parkinson agent” PCT, WO2014178083A1
  12. M. Muthukrishnan, P. P. Mujumdar “Process for the preparation of (S)-2-Ethyl-N(1-methoxypropan-2-yl)-6-methyl aniline” PCT, WO2014037962A1
  13. Sarkar, R.R., Chowdhury, S. 2014. Identification of minimal combination of oncoproteins in Notch pathway to suppress human glioblastoma. U.S. Patent Application No.14/527,628 filed on October 29, 2014. Patent Pending.
  14. Sarkar, R.R., Bhowmick, R., Subramanian, A. (2015) Identification of combinatorial enzymatic reaction targets in glioblastoma specific metabolic network to suppress human glioblastoma. IN Patent Application No. 3892/DEL/2015 filed on November 30, 2015. Patent Pending.
S.NoCopyright numberTitleFilling DateRegistration numberRegistration dateType
1009CR2012VitaPred-Software for the sequence based prediction of vitamin interacting residues using evolutionary information.11-Jul-2012SW
3012CR2012LBtope: Improved method for linear B-cell epitope prediction using antigen`s primary sequence27-Aug-2012SW-6972/201327-Aug-2013SW
4013CR2012Drugmint: Knowledge based approach for predicting drug-likeness of a molecule24-Aug-2012SW-6967/201327-Aug-2013SW
5001CR2014VIRmiRNA: A software for depository of viral miRNA and their targets15-Apr-2014SW-8050/201410-Jul-2014SW
6017CR2014QSPpred: Software for predicting quorum sensing peptides11-Aug-2014SW
7006CR2016SigMol: Software for archiving quorum sensing signaling molecules in prokaryotes12-Sep-2016SW
8007CR2016geCRISPR - Software for the prediction of sgRNAs genome editing efficiency for CRISPR/Cas system2016SW
9008CR2016MSLVP:Software for predicting multiple subcellular localization of viral proteins using support vector machine2016SW
10019CR2014AVP-IC50 PRED : Multiple machine learning techniques based prediction of peptide antiviral activity in termsof half maximal inhibitory concentration (IC50)22-Sep-2014SW-8674/201623-Mar-2016SW
11005CR2015CrisprGE: Sofwere for repository of CRISPR/Cas based genome editing data18-May-2015SW
12006CR2015HPVbase - Softwere for archiving viral interations, methylation patterns and microRNAs aberrant expression profile as biomarker for Human papillomaviruses mediated carcinomas18-May-2015SW-8421/201523-Sep-2015SW
13007CR2015'ASPsiDb: Softwere for archiving experimentally validated allele specific siRNAs for human genetic diseases''.18-May-2015SW-8422/201523-Sep-2015SW
14008CR2015'siRNAmod:Sofwere for depository of experimentally validated chemically modified siRNA''.18-May-2015SW-8423/201523-Sep-2015SW
15043CR2013PEP2D: Bayesian based approach for predicting secondary structure of peptides using evolutionary informaion.09-Jan-2014SW-7803/201424-Apr-2014SW
16036CR2013AVPdb: A software for depository of antiviral peptides.05-Nov-2013SW
17037CR2013VIRsiRNApred: prediction of inhibition efficacy of siRNAs targeting human viruses05-Nov-2013SW
18005CR2013A software for the prediction of highly effective antiviral peptides28-Feb-2013SW-7191/201323-Sep-2013SW
19006CR2013HIPdb: A database of experimentally validated HIV inhibiting peptides07-Feb-2013SW-7194/201323-Sep-2013SW
20001CR2013GlycoPP:A Webserver for prediction of N- and O-Glycosites in Prokaryotic Protein Sequences11-Mar-2013L-54161/201320-Sep-2013SW
21Algorithm of BPGA (Bacterial Pan Genome Analysis tool
22BIOPYDB: a BIochemical PathwaY DataBase