Peptides Related Webservers Developed & Maintained by GENESIS

This page maintain list of biological servers developed and/or maintained by GENESIS participants with the support of GENESIS.
StarPdbStarPdb: BLAST-based structural annotation of protein residues using Protein Data Bank.CSIR-IMTECH
The Mythology of microRNAsA legion of potential regulatory sRNAs exists beyond the typical microRNAs microcosm.CSIR-IHBT
AssemblyVAlidatorDe novo A tool to detect misassembly in de novo assembled contigs.CSIR-IHBT
miR-BAGmiR-BAG: bagging based identification of microRNA precursors.CSIR-IHBT
miReadermiReader: Discovering Novel miRNAs in Species without Sequenced Genome.CSIR-IHBT
EuGenosuiteEuGenosuite- Integrated Transcriptomic-Proteomic Analysis Using a Proteogenomic Workflow Refines Rat Genome Annotation.CSIR-IGIB
ITPITP: Integrating transcriptome and proteome profiling: Strategies and applications.CSIR-IGIB
MassWizProteoStats-a library for estimating false discovery rates in proteomics pipelines.CSIR-IGIB
Flexi FDRFlexi FDR:Learning from Decoys to Improve the Sensitivity and Specificity of Proteomics Database Search Results.CSIR-IGIB
ProteoStatsProteoStats-a library for estimating false discovery rates in proteomics pipelines.CSIR-IGIB
PROMOPPROMOP pipeline is design to deliver single platform for modeling of proteins.CSIR-IMTECH
ge-CRISPRge-CRISPR:An integrated pipeline for the prediction and analysis of sgRNAs genome editing efficiency for CRISPR/Cas system.CSIR-IMTECH
ViralEpi(v1.0):ViralEpi v1. 0: a high-throughput spectrum of viral epigenomic methylation profiles from diverse diseases.CSIR-IMTECH
VIRsiRNApredVIRsiRNApred: a web server for predicting inhibition efficacy of siRNAs targeting human viruses.CSIR-IMTECH
SMEpredSMEpred workbench: a web server for predicting efficacy of chemically modified siRNAs.CSIR-IMTECH
MSLVPMSLVP: prediction of multiple subcellular localization of viral proteins using a support vector machine.CSIR-IMTECH
GenoSuiteGenoSuite is an automated pipeline for proteogenomic analysis from mass spectrometry proteomics data using four open source peptide identification algorithms.CSIR-IGIB