Welcome to Home Page of GENESIS

GENESIS is a mega project of CSIR, initiated for establishing CSIR in the field of knowledge based discovery. It is an interdisciplinary project to bring computer professionals and biologist to solve complex biological problems. Translational medicine will be one of the major focus of this project where experimental and theoretical researchers will work to develop medicine against dreaded disease.

Major goals of Project

Indian Portal for Biological DataBanks: A platform will be developed to create a repository of biological data that will include mirroring of biological databases.

Genome Harvesting (Data to Discovery): The computational, mathematical and statistical methods for identification of functional elements in complex genomes would be developed.

Modeling in biology: Novel and advanced algorithms will be developed to model complex biological system(s)/pathway(s).

Computer Aided Translational Medicine:: An automatic in silico pipeline will be developed to discover drug/vaccine molecules and their targets from biological and chemical data.

Decoding of Indian Genomes: We are planning to sequence of whole genome of Indians and some organisms which may prove important for India.

Bioinformatics@CSIR for Societal benefits: Bioinformatics resources and tools will be developed to assimilate and disseminate the relevant information to the community.