Biomolecules-based Therapeutics

In the era of drug-resistance, peptides are alternate to small-molecules based drugs. Peptides have wide-range of properties (like cell-penetration, tumour homing, antihypertensive, antibacterial, anticancer) that is used by researchers for designing peptide-based therapeutics. This page provides web servers developed for designing therapeutics based on biomolecules particularly peptide.

Resources for designing therapeutics based on biomolecules (Raghava's Group)

  1. AHTpin: Designing and virtual screening of antihypertensive peptides.
  2. AntiAngiopred: A Server for Prediction of Anti-Angiogenic Peptides.
  3. AntiBP: Mapping of antibacterial peptides in a protein sequence.
  4. AntiBP2: Mapping of antibacterial peptides in a protein sequence.
  5. AntiCP: Prediction and design of anticancer peptides.
  6. AntiFP: A Prediction server for Antifungal Peptide.
  7. AntiTbPdb: A database of anti-tubercular peptides.
  8. BIAdb: A Database for Benzylisoquinoline Alkaloids.
  9. BioTherapi: Bioinformatics for Therapeutic Peptides and Proteins.
  10. CancerDP: Prioritization of anticancer drugs against a cancer using genomic features of cancer cells.
  11. CanceRES: Cancer Informatics Portal.
  12. CancerIN:A web server for predicting anticancer activity of molecules.
  13. CancerPDF: Database of cancer-associated peptides of human bodyfluids.
  14. CancerPPD:  Database of anticancer peptides and proteins.
  15. CellPPD: Computer-aided Designing of efficient cell penetrating peptides.
  16. DrugMint: A web server for identification of drug like molecules.
  17. EbolaVCR: A web-based resource for designing therapeutics against Ebola Virus.
  18. HemolytiK: A repository of experimentally validated hemolytic and non-hemolytic peptides.
  19. HemoPI: Prediction and virtual screening of hemolytic peptides.
  20. HLP: Designing of stable antibacterial peptides.
  21. HMRbase: A manually curated database of hormones and their Receptors.
  22. NPACT: A curated database of plant derived natural compounds that exhibit anti-cancerous activity.
  23. ParaPep: Compilation of experimentally validated anti-parasitic peptides and their structures. 
  24. PEPlife: Database of experimentally validated therapeutic peptides and their half lives.
  25. PEPstr: Prediction of structure of peptides.
  26. PEPstrMODStructural prediction of peptides containing natural, non-natural and modified residues.  
  27. PlifePred: An insilico method to design and predict the half life of modified and natural peptides in blood. 
  28. SATPdb: A database of structurally annotated therapeutic peptides .
  29. THPdb: A database of FDA approved therapeutic peptides and proteins.
  30. TopicalPdb: A Database of Topically Administered Peptide.
  31. ToxinPred: An in silico method, which is developed to predict and design toxic/non-toxic peptides.
  32. TumorHope: A comprehensive database of Tumor Homing Peptides.
  33. TumorHPD: A webserver for predicting and designing of tumor homing peptides.
  34. VaccineDA: A webserver for prediction of oligodeoxynucleotide vaccine adjuvant.
  35. VaxinPAD: A webserver for designing peptide based vaccine adjuvant.
  36. XIAPin: Designing of efficient inhibitors against apoptosis protein XIAP (inhibitor against drug resistance cancer).

External Links to web servers developed/mainatined by Indian groups

This section provides URL/links to important websites developed and maintained by Indian researchers. It exclude servers by Raghava's group, which is given in above section. 

  1. AVPdb: a database of experimentally validated antiviral peptides targeting medically important viruses.
  2. CAMP: a useful resource for research on antimicrobial peptides.
  3. CAMP: Collection of sequences and structures of antimicrobial peptides.
  4. DBETH: a Database of Bacterial Exotoxins for Human.
  5. DIACAN: Integrated Database for Antidiabetic and Anticancer Medicinal Plants.
  6. FishAMP: Development of Antimicrobial Peptide Prediction Tool for Aquaculture Industries.
  7. HyPe: Prediction of peptidoglycan hydrolases- a new class of antibacterial proteins.
  8. iAMPpred: Predicting antimicrobial peptides with improved accuracy by incorporating the compositional physico-chemical and structural features into Chous general PseAAC.
  9. PVSUP: Supervised learning classification models for prediction of plant virus encoded RNA silencing suppressors.
  10. QSPPRED: Prediction and analysis of quorum sensing peptides based on sequence features.
  11. SBSPKSv2: Structure-based sequence analysis of polyketide synthases and non-ribosomal peptide synthetases.
  12. Seed ProNutra Care: A tool for characterization of seed storage proteins and database of bioactive peptides having potential health benefits.
  13. SMEpred workbench: A web server for predicting efficacy of chemicallymodified siRNAs.
  14. VIRsiRNAdb: a curated database of experimentally validated viral siRNA/shRNA.
  15. VIRsiRNApred: a web server for predicting inhibition efficacy of siRNAs targeting human viruses.